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Ozford is an innovative educational institution offering many opportunities for students to excel. At Ozford, business is driven by one goal: to be the student’s better choice. This goal remains at the forefront of all business operations and decisions.

Our outstanding staff, first class facilities and practical learning programs will provide you with the tools to achieve your study and professional goals. Our spacious classrooms are bursting with natural light and are equipped with the latest technology to provide a dynamic learning environment. Students also have access to wide-ranging library and online resources, computers, Wi-Fi and internet, printing and kitchen facilities.

Melbourne offers the best of all Australian Cities and our campus is walking distance to some of the best shopping, restaurants, museums, theatres, entertainment, sporting venues and tourist attractions.

At Ozford we offer local and international students high-quality education and pathways across four main areas:

At Ozford the emphasis is on linking theory with practice to ensure students receive not only an academic education but practical life experiences.

We have an excellent range of services to take care of you, help you plan your studies and support your academic or future employability needs. Our academic and professional staff are passionate and committed, warm and friendly, highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced.

We are dedicated to excellence in education and our commitment is to help you reach your study and career goals. Your success is our success!

Melbourne – The World’s Most Liveable City

Melbourne has been voted as the world’s most liveable city by the  Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) for a seventh consecutive year in 2017.

Students from all over the world choose to study in Melbourne because of its high standard of living, safe environment and efficient public transport.
The activities for students to seek out in Melbourne are endless, from art, music and culture to sporting events, multi-cultural festivals and an incredible restaurant and cafe scene.
Melbourne is a leading, global city and Ozford is located right in the centre, so you will get to experience the best of what the city has to offer.