Block Delivery Model

Block Delivery

Instead of worrying about juggling multiple loads of assignments and exams, students can now study without hassle and gain a valuable work experience with an Ozford Internship placement. 

From July 2018, all First Year units will be delivered via a new ‘block’ delivery model to assist students' transition into Higher Education study, so they can focus better and build a better outcome!

The traditional 14 week trimester will be delivered in two blocks of 7 weeks (6 weeks of teaching and 1 week of exam.)

IInstead of studying 4 units in one semester, students will study only 2 units at a time for the first 7 week block and then start 2 more units in the second block during the first year.

Each block of teaching will run for 6 weeks followed by a week of exams before the next 2 units are added to the student’s study.

– Allows students ample time to adjust to a new environment without being overwhelmed with the tasks of all 4 units at a time

– Under the 4 units model, assignments in all four units usually fall on the same week. This becomes unmanageable for many students, but with a two unit block that anxiety will disappear.

– With the block model students will not have all final exams on the same day.

– Under the 4 units model students had to wait 14 weeks to find out their results. Under the new block model they will receive their results immediately after Week 7 of the trimester.

We've changed the way we assess you to help you achieve your best by providing you with early and ongoing feedback.

The type of assessment will depend on the unit you are taking.

You will have a better understanding of how you're progressing in your course, by receiving your final grades after a block finishes instead of waiting all semester.