English for Secondary School Preparation (ESSP)

(CRICOS Code 048143M)



If you are planning to study in an Australian high school this is the course for you. There are three levels of English for Secondary School Preparation with new topics to study each week and interesting life experiences to help you practise your general English communication skills. There are subject-specific activities to give you the vocabulary and exposure to texts you will need to be successful in an Australian high school. Students also have the opportunity each term to join in an authentic high school experience. Ozford English Language Centre is one of the preferred language centres for many public and private schools throughout Melbourne.

Course Fees
International: $360 per week
Domestic: $290 per week
Other Fees
*fees are subject to change

speaking-2 Giving an opinion, Asking questions, Debating, Discussing news and current affairs, Describing events/ experience, Predicting events, Giving directions
listening-2 Listening to radio interviews, Watching TV documentaries, Watching and listening to science and current affairs shows, Following instructions, Understanding different contexts
writing-2 Note-taking and summarising, Writing emails, Writing paragraphs and stories, Descriptive writing, Filling in forms, Formal and informal letter writing, Writing blogs
reading-2 Reading newspaper articles, Introductory academic texts, Reading narrative texts, Reading between the lines, Identifying key information, Identifying facts and opinions
vocabulary-2 General vocabulary for all subject areas including people and places, animals, and the environment, Vocabulary for maths, science and technology, Vocabulary for business and social sciences, Vocabulary building and using grammar correctly
research-2 Research and reporting skills, Digital projects, Independent reading program