4 things you can do now to save the planet.

We are the first generation to recognise that we humans are destroying our planet & home. If we don’t take action now, could we be the last?  

Living sustainably and taking a few simple steps in changing your lifestyle and habits can make a huge impact on the future of planet Earth. As nature is on the brink of destruction, here is what you can do to make a difference.  

  1. Cut the garbage 

We can all say we are guilty for purchasing unnecessary things; we live in a consumerist society where anything and everything is available at the press of a button or the tap of a credit card. And with the ongoing behaviour of trends and fashion forever changing at a fast rate, we have become a world that throws away as soon as the next fashionable item becomes available. Being conscious of what we buy, how much we buy, and where we buy it from can benefit our planet tremendously. Every item we buy leaves a footprint and eventually ends up on a landfill site or in the ocean. By reducing what we buy or recycling products, we can ensure that less pollution will be falling into our oceans and damaging the environment. If you are a super spender, try to support eco-friendly businesses and companies that source their products sustainably. It is also predicted that a third of global food produced is lost or wasted.  Make it a habit to eat leftovers and use up spare ingredients. Reusing and recycling is an important and positive change to improve your environmental footprint.  

  1. Eat sustainably 

On the topic of food, what we eat contributes to a huge amount of global greenhouse gas emissions and global biodiversity loss. It’s been known for quite a while now that the agricultural industry is a huge cause of deforestation and pollution. Reducing our meat and dairy intake and moving towards a more plant-based diet is a recommended move to lowering the impact on our environment. Nowadays it is easier than ever to switch to vegetarian and vegan diets as restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets are increasingly offering more eco-friendly and organic produce.  

  1. Less carbon footprints, more actual footprints 

Choosing a more sustainable way to travel can reduce your carbon impact. While global travel is at our fingertips and so easy to visit different destinations all over the world, there are opportunities we can take to travel more responsibly. Walk or cycle when you can, particularly for short trips. Holiday closer to home when possible. Take trains to city destinations as opposed to a plane. Being creative and finding alternative ways to travel will be hugely impactful.  

  1. Use your voice and power 

Being informed makes you better equipped and knowledgeable to have conversations with people about the environment and planet. With social media, the entire world is available at the click of a button, so learn from influential people and use your knowledge and voice to influence others around you. Being politically engaged is also important to hold our world leaders accountable. Write to your local MP and encourage them to commit to action, or join climate demonstrations to have your voice heard. The more people who join the fight for change, the more likely it is that things will be done.  

There are lots of ways to support the environment and make a change, following these 4 simple steps are a great start.  

Here at Ozford we encourage students to be environmentally conscious and refrain from printing unless absolutely necessary. Our future is paperless planning and paperless learning and we hope that all staff and students can get on board with us.