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Being Cyber-Safe

As we are spending more and more time online, it’s important to be reminded of the precautions we need to take to stay safe on the internet. Using digital tools for work and study provide us with a range of opportunities whilst also making things easier and more accessible, but we also need to ensure […]

Advice for school leavers

Our Ozford College Year 12 students have worked hard this year and are now getting ready for their final year exams.  Finishing Year 12 can be a scary prospect for many students when school is all they have known since they were young, but it’s such an important time to start thinking about and preparing […]

Getting on the property ladder: Gen Z vs Baby Boomers

Whether you’re finishing Year 12 at Ozford College or are approaching graduation from Ozford Institute of Higher Education, you may be planning to move out of your parent’s house, or perhaps you are currently renting. Your mind might start to wonder about buying your own property one day, but how easy is it for the […]

How to maintain your mental health while you study

Student life can be hectic trying to balance all your educational responsibilities and ensure you meet your target grades, hand in your assessments on time, and pass your exams. Yet, many students get so weighed down with these responsibilities that they forget to take time out for themselves.  With the added stress of the pandemic […]