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Who are you connecting with? 

Ozford uses many methods to connect with people both in Melbourne and abroad. To list only a few examples, we have Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, emails and face to face. It goes without saying that we connect with fellow colleagues and people we already know but, a large part of people we connect with are unknowns […]

Animal Extinction

So, you’re a crocodile, and it’s circa 66 million years BC, you see a bright flash streak across the sky headed for the region now known as Yucatan in Central America, you hear an all-mighty rumble under your spiny feet and look up to see the horizon head toward you at a fantastic speed. You […]

Climate Change

Ozford resides in the temperate city of Melbourne but summertime temperatures can get hot… sometimes in the mid 40 degrees Celsius!   Regardless of what the shock-jocks say, this world is heating up! Sure, the Earth’s temperature over time will ebb and flow due to volcanic activity, solar fluctuations, and variations in the Earth’s tilt and […]

Communication Styles

At Ozford, it is imperative that best practice in communication is top of mind, regardless of whether you are a student, educator agent or even the mailman. Great communication is an important part of how we ensure that we deliver a high standard of education.  For students, communicating ideas through the written medium for assessments […]

The Supply Chains in Australia

Ozford is located at the heart of the Melbourne’s CBD, and there are many great shopping outlets for us to enjoy but occasionally, you’re presented with this scenario…   So, you’re at the supermarket, you’ve just bought your vegies, you get to aisle 8 and then you see that, ahhh… someone’s taken all the toilet paper… […]

Cycling in Melbourne

Get on your bike!   At Ozford, we believe that riding a bike is a great way to stay fit, save money and to freely explore Melbourne.    According to a study by Scientific American, a human with a bicycle is the most efficient being on the planet. This notion was the inspiration for Steve Jobs to […]

Food for Academic Thought

It’s no surprise that the team at Ozford do not endorse bad dietary habits.   When I say ‘bad’, you probably know what I mean. Junk food, sugary beverages such as Slurpies and energy drinks. Foods that are high in salt and saturated fat content like, ooh, what’s that ubiquitous multinational fast-food store that’s on almost […]

Financial Security

As a result of the turbulent times that we’ve had over these last few years, many of us have been thrust into thinking more about our financial security. At Ozford, we understand that people can experience a certain nervousness about their financial situation, but that’s normal.  The one saving grace for domestic students is that there is Government support and you won’t go […]

Music to Help You Study

At Ozford, we understand that music plays a big part in maintaining one’s happiness, wellbeing and focus. Music is a powerful medium that transcends the ages, animal species and it can even communicate with unborn children.   Music goes deep into, what one might consider, the soul to become a part of who we are and what we stand for… or don’t stand for. For many, the connection to music offers a particular […]

Sparking up a relationship whilst studying in Australia

Studying abroad is a great way to develop a new relationship with that ‘special someone’. You may feel like you’re ready to share your journey and maybe even start a life with someone.  If you study together, you’ve already got something in common and this could be a great chance to connect. However, you might want to go beyond the campus to meet Mr. or Ms. Right.  Here are […]

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