Congratulations to Ozford’s class of 2022

“Dear Parents/Guardians,
We would like to share our sincere congratulations to Ozford’s graduating Class of 2022, whom received their VCE results. We are delighted to announce that our 2022 Year 12 class of 13 students have achieved outstanding VCE results.–    1 student (7.7% of the cohort) achieved 95 or above, placing them in the top 5% of the state. Outstanding 40 study scores were achieved in 2 subjects – including Further Mathematics (FM) and Mathematics Methods (MM). Congratulations to Parham ARDESHIRI who is our VCE Dux, achieving an ATAR of 97.9 with further Mathematics (FM): 48, and Mathematics Methods (MM): 41 (score out of 50). And together with all other students (100%) who graduated with their VCE and were awarded their VCE certificates, achieving their dream ATAR scores and being offered places at universities and TAFE. The past few years have been challenging, and yet our Year 12 students have shown incredible resilience and grit. This, in itself, deserves acknowledgment and celebration. Most importantly, their passions and broad skill sets will unfold themselves into varied and interesting pathways throughout their higher education and future careers. We could not feel more proud to be ‘graduating’ alongside this cohort of Year 12 students. We have been endlessly impressed by the way that they have handled these past few years of disruptions and global uncertainty, without losing sight of their own hopes and dreams. They are truly ready to forge their own bold paths.On behalf of the entire College, we would like to recognise and thank Ozford’s phenomenal, committed and professional, teachers and administrative support staff who have supported, encouraged, and rallied behind our students. Their dedication and care for our students and their achievements, continues to be truly impressive.We would also like to acknowledge and thank you, Ozford families, for your considerable support for our graduating students, as well as the College, throughout our students’ journey at Ozford. Your commitment and tireless contributions to their education have been enormously important.Finally, we hope you all enjoy a restful break and a merry Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!”