With exam time looming next month and the end of the academic year fast approaching, it’s time to put together all you’ve learned this year and ensure you get the exam results you deserve. 

Ozford Library is the one-stop student resource centre located on the ground floor. It is the perfect place for students who would like a quiet space for revision and preparing for their exams. 

It can be a bit daunting getting yourself organised and knowing when to start revising, what to revise first and how to do it effectively. If you’re asking yourself these questions, keep reading for some advice on getting exam ready. 

Prepare your space

Having a suitable place to revise and study will make a big difference in your productivity levels and your ability to focus leading up to your exams. Find a space in your house or in your room that is comfortable, quiet, has good light, and is tidy and clutter-free. Use this space only for exam revision so that it is an escape from disruptions and you can put your undivided attention into your studies. 

Techniques for revising

There is no one way to revise, and there is a technique to suit every individual’s learning style – it’s just finding yours. 

  • Do practice exams – your teacher sometimes provides these, or you can find online
  • Read through the subject textbook and bookmark key points and ideas
  • Review your notes and highlight key points and ideas
  • Rewrite your notes – you can do this on post-its or cue cards, and you can colour co-ordinate by subject area. 
  • Watch videos online or listen to podcasts explaining the subject or topic area. 
  • Test yourself with a friend or family member – prepare questions and get someone to ask you, and test your answers. 
  • Create mini-presentations for each topic area


Organisation and time management is key to getting the amount of revision you need before your exam. Create a schedule that is not too overwhelming but allows you to cover enough content each day. Do your revision in timed sessions and ensure you take regular breaks for yourself to relax, eat, and drink water. Make sure you dedicate your time equally to subjects and particularly starting with the topics you find most challenging. 

If you are doing practise exams as part of your revision strategy, remember to time yourself when doing it, so it best prepares you for the real exam on the actual day. 

For further exam organisation ideas, check out this video https://youtu.be/Ks3Xe26lVkw 


As many may be doing exams online this year, it is crucial to become familiar with the online exam conditions. Read through the rules provided by your teacher or the examination board. All students must understand their responsibilities for online ethical practices, such as ensuring that they comply with the advice provided and the work they submit for assessment represents their own original ideas and work. 

Ozford expects academic integrity from all its students and wishes all higher education students and VCE high school students the best of luck in their exams this year.