Meet Kaylin!

Meet Kaylin

Kaylin successfully completed English Secondary School Preparation program at Ozford English Language Centre back in 2017 and progressed into Year 9 in a different school.

Year 10 students in Australian schools are required to participate in mandatory Work Experience. Ozford immediately sprung to Kaylin’s mind! She returned to work in the library, gaining valuable work experience whilst helping Ozford students develop their global skills. Ozford welcomes all our former students to gain work experience at Ozford.

Kaylin shares that when she was studying at Ozford, her experiences were awesome! She enjoyed the Ozford Library where she spent a lot of time on homework.  She remembers her teachers who are very supportive and gave constant encouragement to students to learn Australian culture. She also liked the way Student Services department helped her through her study journey to achieve her goals.

Congratulations on the completion of your work experience at Ozford. Well done Kaylin! We wish you all the best for your future!