Daniel Li, 27, is one of Ozford’s most recent Bachelor graduates who is currently setting up his own business in Hobart, Tasmania.

Daniel’s Australian journey started when he moved to Adelaide with his parents in 2009. After completing his High School studies there, Daniel headed to Melbourne to further his studies and start a Business degree.

At first, Daniel started his studies with another Institute in the city but had difficulties there. The course was badly organised and felt completely unsupported by teachers. Daniel decided to look for another Institute that was designed and catered for international students and found the Bachelor of Business course at Ozford. Over the three years he studied with us, Daniel developed his language, academic and cultural awareness skills needed for living and building a career in Australia.

“The teachers at Ozford are very helpful and understanding. They really cater and support international students with any academic and personal issues we have. I learnt invaluable skills that will help me with my career and I am forever thankful to Ozford.”

After 3 years of studying in Australia, Daniel successfully graduated from Ozford with a Bachelor of Business degree in December 2019 (picture of Daniel and Dr Ali Abusalem, Business Lecturer).

Very soon after graduating, Daniel made his way to Hobart, Tasmania, to start a new chapter in his life. Daniel is currently studying a TAFE Diploma in Leadership and Management and will complete his professional year in Hobart. Daniel is in awe of the fact that everything is so quiet in Hobart, shops or similar closing about 3 p.m.  He says there is not much to do.  However, he is very determined to succeed and do well.

Why Hobart?

Daniel is determined to obtain his residency status and was advised that by moving to Hobart and spending four years there, and everything goes to plan, he will be successful in his residency.

Daniel wants a job in the export and import trade so together with his parents, he is setting up a small farm selling blueberries. Daniel is very excited at this prospect and this will give him lots of experience he needs to set up his own exporting and importing business.

Daniel shared three top tips for international students who plan on moving to Australia:

“1. Don’t get lost!! Learn how to get around the city using trams, buses and trains. Ask local people or information centres for help.

2. Always attend class and never be absent unless it is an emergency. Even if the unit is hard, still attend and seek support. High attendance will ensure you know all the information and will help you pass.

And finally, learn the Australian language! As international students, we are taught formal English which can be very different to the Aussie language. Buy yourself an Aussie slang book and learn common phrases you might hear on a regular basis. This will help you understand about the Aussie culture more.”

Ozford wishes Daniel the best of luck in the future and congratulates him on his successes so far.