Ozford’s Youngest Student Successfully Graduates from English Secondary School Preparation

On Friday 1st November, Ozford waved goodbye to our youngest student. 12 year old Ken Clarke successfully completed his 10 week English course, ready for High School.

When Ken first arrived at Ozford on 26th August, he was placed into a Beginner class because of his English ability. After 4 weeks of study, Ken was promoted to an Intermediate class, studying with older and more able students.

“My English has improved a lot since studying at Ozford. At the start, I was placed in a beginner class because I had low English skills. When my English started to improve, I moved up to the higher class. This was a good challenge for me because I had to speak English a lot more”.

Ken said the best thing about studying at Ozford was making new friends.   “I have made lots of friends here and enjoyed meeting new people. I have had a very fun time studying at Ozford”