Student success! Presentations impress Internship partners

After working hard for many weeks, Ozford students Sabina Bomjan, Nabin Yadav, Parth Joshi and Minnie Nguyen celebrated on Friday 11th October after showcasing their presentations to the Internship partners. Students were relieved and felt great to have completed a 10 week internship placement with Outcome.Life. Sabina, Nabin, Parth and Minnie worked alongside Jack Clayfield, the company’s director of business and co-founder, Domenic Saporito, who guided them through their placement. Jack said, ‘I am immensely proud of these students for working so hard on their presentations, they did a great job.’

Ozford’s Professor Sheikh said, “Life is about trial and error and it is about overcoming obstacles in your way. This group did not take the easy path and worked very hard to achieve their goal”

The Professor also added, “When they chose their topic, I knew this team were going to do well. Amongst others, these students had their eyes in front and were focused from the start”.

The opportunity to be part of this internship programme at Ozford was amazing. Minnie and Nabin both said they learnt about, “real topics and issues that happen in a company. You become part of real life situations, not just reading about them in text books”.

Parth told Dom and the Professor, “There were times when we did struggle but Dom came in and helped us. He guided us in the right direction which was fantastic”.

Dom, the co-founder of Outcome.Life said, “Out of all the educational providers our company deals with, your group spent the most time here. You asked the most questions and overcame issues you found. I want to congratulate Sabina, Nabin, Yadav and Parth because many of the tasks were complex but you succeeded.”