Diploma of Business

The Diploma of Business program is designed to provide a range of diploma level study options for students who either do not seek, or are unable to extend the time required, to complete a full undergraduate degree.

As well as having value in its own right as a stepping-stone into a number of career opportunities, students can also gain a streamlined pathway from the Higher Education Diploma into the Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degrees through credit exemptions. That is, once students successfully complete the core higher education diploma of business courses units, they can gain direct entry into the second year of Bachelor degrees.

Ozford College offers the Diploma of Business Program and after the completion of the program the students will demonstrate the ability to

  • Integrate theoretical and technical knowledge and apply within a field of work and learning
  • Review, analyse, and synthesise knowledge to act on information from a range of sources and communicate to relevant stakeholders.
  • Apply thought, technical skills to analyse, plan, and design approaches to variable business problems and communicate to relevant stakeholders.
  • Apply specialist technical and creative skills to communicate viewpoints and suggestions.
  • Communicate and explain knowledge and specialised skills to others, with depth in some areas, in established or varied contexts
  • Convey and apply theoretical and technical knowledge and creative skills in a range of contexts. 
  • Show responsibility to complete complex technical operations within general considerations of quantity and quality.
  • Use initiative and judgement to organise the work of self and others and plan, coordinate and evaluate the work of teams within clear boundaries.

The possible career pathway after the completion of Diploma of Business are as follows:

  • Administrator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Officer
  • Customer Services Officer
  • Project Officer
  • Accounts Clerk
  • Clerical Officer

Job and Career Center

To have a competitive advantage in the job market, nowadays students need to have developed global skills during their time at university.  The OzfordJob and Career Center or Student Success program helps you develop the key skills you need to be career ready once you graduate. The program will maximize your potential for academic success and prepare you to enter the job market with confidence.

All workshops and student appointments are free and tailored to students’ needs.

To address the employability of our students we have focused on the three parts:


While studying at Ozford, we aim to make sure all students are career ready they graduate. As part of the Ozford Job Ready program we assist students in creating their own Ozfolio. An Ozfolio is a career portfolio. It is the perfect tool to impress future employers. An Ozfolio highlights your accomplishments, identifies your skills, and presents your qualifications in a logical sequence.

You can use an Ozfolio in a job interview to demonstrate your skills and abilities in a visual way allowing you to really stand out from the crowd. Get career ready. Make an appointment with the Student Success Coach to create your Ozfolio and discuss potential job opportunities.


As part of the Ozford Life Skills program, we offer students the chance to become an OzBuddy. Being an OzBuddy gives you the opportunity to help fellow students improve their English while making new lifelong friends at the college. Volunteering as an OzBuddy is a great way to actively engage in the Ozford community.

It will help you to develop valuable employability skills and allow you to make a positive difference to your classmate’s life.


Calling all OIHE students. Are you looking to make a positive difference? Are you keen to meet people from different countries? Do you remember your first weeks in Australia? Things like getting a MYKI card may seem easy to you now, but to a new student it may be a very complicated and daunting task. Every week we welcome new students to Ozford. Our goal is to help our new students make the adjustment to living in a new country as easy as possible.

We want to make sure all students feel welcome and secure, especially during the first few months after arriving to Melbourne. We want to give new students the opportunity to make friends easily. As an OzMentor, you will get a chance to meet people from different countries, develop a greater understanding of other cultures, and help make a positive difference to someone’s life.

On completion of the program you will receive a letter of recognition for your service, which you can add to your Ozfolio.

If you are seeking for Diploma course in Australia, Melbourne, and planning to develop your career side by side. Ozford is the right place for you. We will help to shape your career with the best industry expertise resource person to train and develop with our employment and career-oriented training and development program.

If you are looking for admission or inquiry feel free to reach:


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