The Bachelor of Business suite of units allows students to undertake studies in business and management related fields, preparing you for a variety of career opportunities, including marketing, general business management, human resource marketing and accounting.

The Bachelor of Business courses allows students to choose two specialisations from management, marketing and accounting which should increase their employability potential. The Bachelor of Business program provides you with essential knowledge, skills and application in these areas opening up opportunities for personal development as well as broadening your career options.

Students have the opportunity of membership pathways to the Marketing Institute of Australia and the Australian Institute of Management, ensuring that they receive recognition of their skills and knowledge within their chosen profession. Students should consult the relevant membership body about membership pathways.

Why Bachelor of Business with Ozford?

  •  Cost savings ($50,000) for a Bachelor of Business compared to a typical university.
  •  Fees may be paid with a government loan (FEE-HELP). Repay 1% p.a. when your   income is about $50,000 and steadily rising with your income (e.g., 5% of income when $80,000 income). If you are buying a house and supporting children at the same time, those extra thousands of dollars each year make living difficult.
  •  Students have the option of a Bachelor of Business or a Bachelor of Business (Accounting). In either case, completion of the 8 units of Year 1 qualifies a student for a Diploma of Business.
  •  Tertiary study pathways to a Graduate Diploma in Management and then Master of Business Administration (MBA) OR a specialization in Accounting with Master of Professional Accounting leading to CPA membership.
  •  Student numbers at lectures is much smaller, giving you more personalized and interactive lectures.
  •  The campus is located in Melbourne CBD, allowing easier access from around Melbourne. In addition, lectures can be online and also allow easy access. Copies of lectures and reference materials are available on Ozford’s Moodle learning management system.
  •  Fast-track completion of a Bachelor degree by undertaking summer trimesters, and making it a two-year degree.
  •  Gain two units with internship with a business as well as create future employment options with such business contact.
  •  A laptop with resources for each unit is provided free.
  • Comprehensive support and assistance with study and well-being, on an individual and group basis, is provided.

For more information or to discuss how OZFORD could partner or assist you, please contact:

Dr Kevin Gould                  

0411 016861      

[Retired Secondary College Principal & University lecturer in Economics and Management]