Year 12 Class of 2021

This week saw the graduation ceremony and celebration of Ozford College’s Year 12 Graduates.  

The Graduation took place on campus Wednesday evening with students, teachers, and family joining in person and online to attend the event.  

This year’s graduates have had the most challenging time of all completing VCE during two years of a global pandemic. Not only have they had to cope with a turbulent delivery of education with constant changes to online and face to face delivery of lessons due to lockdowns, but they have also had to grasp getting through this important stage of their life without seeing their friends regularly or their families for long periods of time, some of which are overseas. 

The graduation event was an excellent way to end the year and celebrate their persistence and successes. Each student received their Ozford College certificate of completion and took photos with their high school coordinator, Christine Chua. Ozford College Principal Rong Lui gave an inspiring speech which gave the students some sound advice for perusing their future pathways. Following on from the speech, each graduate was awarded with a certificate of special recognition that best reflected their achievements and academic success throughout the year. This was a great moment to see each student rewarded for their uniqueness and individual contribution to our college. Our offshore graduates as well as parents and family members of students who were overseas attended the ceremony live via Zoom and were able to witness their child graduate and receive their awards. Despite the pandemic being challenging, the introduction of online technology has definitely brought the world together.   

After the ceremony, students had their photos taken and wrote testimonials about their experience at Ozford and messages for their classmates which they’ll be able to look back on in the future. The event finished with some food and socialising.  

We wish all our Year 12 graduates the best success and luck in the future.  

Ozford College remains committed to offering our students the best possible opportunities to maximise their potential and excel academically. Success is our goal and a student’s success is Ozford’s success. 

Our graduation was livestreamed over Facebook, so for anyone who would like to watch, follow OzfordSusan. Our graduation pictures will be uploaded to our website gallery shortly.  

We hope this year’s graduates inspire and motivate our upcoming Year 12 cohort of 2022 to persist through challenges and strive for success.