5 Things You Should Know About Leaving High School


Hello, dear year 12!

Your exams have already started or will start in less than a week. The near end of school might leave you with many questions, and we hope to clarify some things relating to what happens after school. With many of you under the stress of much more than just studies, it is essential for us at Ozford to have a little check-up on our students and be more than ever open to discussing any support you need.

The real world is very different from school

The main difference most students feel when moving on from Year 12 is the sudden lack of guidance. You might have heard it often from your teachers, but once you start Uni, for example, no one will constantly be on your back reminding you about deadlines and responsibilities. In high school, everything is much simpler as you get up, have something to eat, and go on with your day, which is organized with a timetable that was set for you.

After school, whether it is at Uni or work, you will have to take on the responsibility of making your own timetable to stay on top of deadlines and chores. It gets even more challenging when you move out, with the addition of rent, groceries, cleaning, and meal prep on top of anything you already have to do.

You are free to do what you want… And you should do so

Since our time on this Earth is very limited, you should definitely take the time to do what you dream/love most. It is easy to get influenced into doing what your parents, friends, and peers want you to do, but ultimately your life belongs to yourself only. If your dream is to travel across the globe, plan ahead and jump the gun. The memories will be worth it! While it is still important to fulfill your responsibilities, make sure to take the time and enjoy life doing what drives you.

Do not get overwhelmed by the possibilities

As you will quickly discover it, life has many surprises to throw at you. Even those who thought they had it all figured out by age 15 often see their plans ruined by sudden events or changes in our environment.

This can lead to some anxiety regarding big life choices: many of us, when it comes to the moment to make big decisions after school, can become overwhelmed by the possibility of making the wrong choice. While that is a valid feeling, it is sometimes best to let things go. Indeed, if you look around and ask the adults who are successful by your standards, you might find out that during their life, they chose an initial path, quit it, changed their mind, encountered roadblocks, etc. Only by exploring your ideas will you find out which one is viable for you. It takes a long time to figure out what you like doing, but this process is necessary for a successful and happy life.

You still have a long way to grow

When we finish year 12, it seems like we finally get to move on from school and enjoy our life. The truth is that life really only starts when high school finishes. Indeed, school is a long and tedious process that seems to be taking forever to get through, and we undergo so many changes through that long period. You will soon realise, however, that you experience just as many challenges and changes during your early 20s since that is when you become fully autonomous. Those various and numerous challenges will see you grow through the beginning of your adulthood, which ultimately will lead to you figuring out what you want for yourself after school.

You will meet new people and drift away from old friends

With everything that was said, you might think: so what do we keep from High School? Is anything staying with us in our life after school?

Well, the memories will be there forever. Good or bad, it will essentially be all that remains from that period of life. Since you aren’t stuck in the same room, some friends might take some distance, and some might not. Everyone will grow with different goals and objectives, so your paths will likely drift apart. Even if your paths remain similar, everyone will be subject to different environments affecting your personal growth. Let that be an opportunity to refine your friendship groups, invest your time and efforts with those who reciprocate it, and similarly meet new people with interesting personalities.

Finally, remember that the most significant, exciting part of your journey is still well ahead of you. We hope to see many of you prosper in your journeys after year 12, and we would love to hear about your experience and thoughts about your experience. Keep in touch!