Ever had those days when you feel like nothing is going in? And the more you try the less you retain? Well, here at Ozford Melbourne we understand the importance of being able to study well and so we are giving you just a few tips to help boost your studying potential! Check them out below!

  1. Plan your time. – Set alarms, make to do lists and create a timetable to help you focus better. Effective time management is key to better studying.
  2. Take breaks. – It’s totally impossible to stay concentrated forever. Take breaks and give yourself 10 minutes to disconnect and breathe from whatever you may be studying.
  3. Look after yourself. – Healthy in body means healthy in mind. If you feel better you will study better.
  4. Review and revise. – Try at least once a week to review the things that you have studied in class. This way, you can make sure you’ve really understood the concepts and can remember the key areas.
  5. Discover your style! – By understanding how you like to study and revise helps you achieve the most from your studying. For example, do you prefer visual aids such as diagrams and pictures? Or are you more of an auditory learner where you like to listen or read your notes aloud? Maybe you prefer to learn by doing, for example, acting out role-plays to help you remember certain situations. Whatever the case, make sure you understand how you like to learn to get the most from your revision.

At Ozford Melbourne we can help you achieve success when it comes to your studies. Whether it’s studying for your Bachelor of Business, your high school VCE certificate, or even improving your English at our English Language Centre, here at Ozford Melbourne we can provide you with the support and help you need to be the happy achiever.