Did you realise that tomorrow is February the 29th?

This isn’t something that is a regular occurrence. February 29th is a day that only takes place once every 4 years and according to the BBC it’s a necessary day because of the ‘messiness’ of our solar system. One Earth year (a complete orbit around the sun) doesn’t take an exact whole number of days, and so we add an extra day every 4 years to compensate. So make it a day to remember this weekend! (Otherwise you will have to wait until 2024….)

So, what are your plans this weekend?

If you are stuck for ideas check out the Antipodes Festival right in the heart of the city centre, celebrating all things Greek in a Greek Style Street Party. Even better, it’s only 5 minutes away from Ozford Campus in Londsale Street!

Or what’s more, check out this year’s Brunswick Music Festival, in the north of the city where this one-day music festival sprawls across Sydney Road featuring a bunch of musicians playing rock, hip-hop, reggae, soul, jazz, gospel and everything in between!

Whatever your plans this weekend, here at Ozford Melbourne we want to know!

You too can come and experience the never-ending festivities that take place here in Melbourne. Come and check out why Ozford Melbourne are proud to be part of this amazing student city and all that it has to offer. Come and experience for yourself the benefits of studying with us either in our Bachelor of Business Programs, English Language Centre or even for your Victoria Certificate of Education. At Ozford Melbourne, be the happy achiever.