Hello Melbourne!

Today is a BIG day for the vast majority of year 12 students finishing VCE this year. Indeed, the score they’ve all been working towards throughout this long and stressful year was released this morning, at 7am. 

From now, the next big things will be in relation to VTAC. If you haven’t yet, you can change your preferences in VTAC until the 14th of December. Then the rounds of offers will start on the 21st of December and 13th of January. For any further information, you are most welcome to check their website at this link.

We hope those results match or exceed your expectations. Regardless of the outcome, just bear in mind that this score ultimately does not define you. The job or degree of your dreams is still well within reach, and a score should not deter you from finding the pathway that will lead you to your aspirations. If you are unsure of where to go from now, contact a teacher or a staff member and we will assist you with every single step of choosing your pathway.