Aussie Christmas: Celebrating in Style

Yo, Christmas time in the land down under is lit! Even though we don’t get snow like in those Hallmark movies, we still have our own special way of celebrating. Here’s my top 5 fave things about an Aussie Christmas:

  1. Sunny weather ?

Waking up to a sunny Christmas morning is the best. You can open your presents and then head straight to the beach. Plus, your mum will have the fans going to cool you down.

  1. Christmas lights ?

Driving around the streets on a warm summer night and hunting for Christmas lights is one of my favourite things to do. My parents always put up lights and the first night of December is always when we light them up. Going to sleep with flashing lights peeking through my curtains is the sign that Christmas is almost here and everything else that is magical and wonderful about the end of the year.

  1. Chrissy pjs ?

The best thing about a good pair of chrissy pjs is that they can be worn all year round! They always manage to get me in the spirit of Christmas!

  1. BBQ Christmas lunch ?

When you combine the sacred barbeque with a sunny Christmas morning, there is nothing more you can do to make the day even better. You have reached peak Christmas day vibes.

  1. Boxing day sales ?

After the magical day that is Christmas, boxing day comes along to add that extra drop of excitement. Sometimes Christmas may not be all that you hoped it could be, so boxing day sales is the perfect opportunity to cash in those paychecks, or that money from your grandparents and give yourself a Christmas present.

Celebrating the end of a long year is the perfect way to start a summer break, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. And if you’re overseas having a white Christmas right now, I don’t wanna hear it!