New Year’s Eve: Just another day in disguise

New Year’s Eve, the night when the clock strikes 12 and we all go crazy celebrating the start of a new year. But let’s be real here, is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Honestly, it’s overrated af.

First of all, the pressure to have the “perfect” NYE is insane. You gotta have the perfect outfit, the perfect party plans, the perfect group of friends, and let’s not forget the perfect Instagram caption. It’s like, chill fam, it’s just another night.

And speaking of parties, they’re usually just a letdown. You spend all night trying to squeeze through a crowded room, trying to make conversation over blaring music, and let’s not forget the struggle of trying to find the one toilet that isn’t clogged with vomit. And if you do manage to find a good party, you’re probably going to be too drunk to remember it the next day.

And what’s the deal with fireworks? Sure, they’re pretty to look at, but they’re also hella loud and can be super dangerous. Plus, you have to deal with the crowds and the traffic. It’s like, can’t we just watch them on TV like normal people?

And then there’s the whole “New Year, New Me” thing. It’s like, why does it have to be a new year for us to make changes in our lives? Why can’t we just make those changes whenever we want? Plus, most people’s resolutions never even last past January anyway.

So, what’s the verdict? New Year’s Eve is overrated. Instead of stressing about having the “perfect” NYE, why not just relax and spend time with the people you care about? Or better yet, just stay in bed and sleep through it all. Trust me, you won’t miss a thing.