Extension and Enhancement Program

Studying can be hard. Especially the higher you get. Ozford understood this and offers students the ability to shave off subjects from their University degrees by studying concurrently with their VCE.

Highly able students can also in Year 12 apply to participate in Enhancement and Extension Programs offered by some universities in Melbourne. These programs provide students with the opportunity to study a first-year equivalent university subject in addition to their normal VCE study workload. Some credit towards a university degree is given if the subject is completed to a satisfactory standard. Entry into these programs is granted by the universities that offer the programs. Additional costs may be incurred for entry into these course programs.

Students have the chance to start the program in the first half of their Year 12 studies, if you’re a current year 11 student or want to find out more about the program, contact our Student Services for more information.

Good luck with your exams!