High School Policies and Procedures

Students and staff need to understand and follow Policies and Procedures for Ozford College High School.

Please click on the links below to view our policies and procedures.

Admissions and Enrolment



Enrolment Agreement

Teaching and Learning

Academic Progress

Assessment, Reporting and Record Keeping



Privacy Policy and Procedures

Student Services and Administration

Complaints and Appeals

Complaint Form

Community (Including Parent or Guardian) Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure

Record Management

Refusal Deferral Suspension and Cancellation of Student Enrolment

School Communication

Student Behaviour Management

Student Support and Services

Student with Special Needs

Transfer Policy and Procedures

Younger Students & Homestay

Refund Policy

Education Agent Policy and Procedure

Health and Safety

Child Safety

Child Safe Code of Conduct Policy and Procedures

Accident and Incident Reporting

Anaphylaxis Management



Child Safe Risk Management

Critical Incident

Diversity and Equity

Drugs & Substance Abuse

Emergency Management Plan

First Aid and Medical Condition

Mandatory Reporting

Responding To and Reporting Allegations of Suspected Child Abuse

Facilities and IT

Building Supervision (Duty of Care)

ICT Acceptable Use

College Infrastructure Policy and Procedures

Contractor and Consultant Policy and Procedure 

Finance and Governance

Terms & Conditions

Governance Charter

Human Resource

Conflict of Interest

Staff Training and Development