How to get smart & savvy in lockdown

Calling all cities, states, and countries in lockdowns, this is your time to maximise your potential and get smart and savvy. Just because you’re in lockdown, it doesn’t mean you have to sit watching endless TV series on Netflix like everybody else. Use this time to learn and build a better future for yourself. 

Here at Ozford, we encourage our staff and students to make the most of their time at home and build skills that they would otherwise not obtain. 

Read through these lockdown hacks for getting smart and savvy whilst in the comfort of your own home. 

  1. Get tech-savvy – The digital transformation era has launched over the last year, providing many platforms and technological opportunities for us to work and study with. Impress others with your tech-savvy skills by exploring new platforms for your work or study purposes and get creative!
  2. Manage your savings – new financial habits have appeared during lockdowns as people start to manage their spending habits better. People are going out less, so therefore spending less. If you’re still able to work from home, make sure you save your money by regularly putting it into a savings account and cutting down your online shopping. Now is an excellent time to set budgets for yourself and better organise your finances to work towards your future goals.
  3. Learn a new skill – now is the time to try out that skill you always wanted to be good at, but never had time for. Perhaps it was learning a new language or learning how to play a musical instrument. Whatever it may be, start practising or reading up on it, and before you know it, you’ll be a pro! 
  4. Lastly, up your study game. We encourage our students to expand their academic potential and not just by completing their study assignments but listening to educational podcasts or reading more on that subject they’ve been focusing on in class. 

Ozford believes knowledge is power. Our flexible online and part-time learning programs give students the opportunity to excel in necessary skills to set them up for success in their future. We hope that some of these lockdown hacks have given you some new ideas for utilising your time well during the lockdown.