As winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, we are lucky enough to be entering spring here in Australia. The Ozford team always makes the most of the good weather here in Melbourne, making opportunities for students to experience learning outdoors and not just within the classroom walls or online. Spring in Australia runs from September to November. Now that we are over the cold spell, what things can we do to enjoy all that spring has to offer?

Read these top tips to find out: 

Witness Spring blooms 

The Victorian landscape in springtime is bursting with colour, and there is no better place to go and view new blooms than by going on foot and exploring the Melbourne suburbs. The Royal Botanic Gardens would be the first point of call for seeing all those wildflowers at their full potential, and it is the perfect place to sit and have a picnic. If you’re lucky enough to get out of the city – you can visit Cherry Orchards and Sunflower fields for the perfect Instagram pic! For the best places to see spring’s blooms in Victoria, check out – 

Explore the city by bike 

Whether you want a beach trail, a river trail, or a city trail, Melbourne has it all! Melbourne has many bike routes that run throughout the city and are easily accessible from a suburb near you. For the best places bike rides in Melbourne, check out – 

Check out Melbourne’s beaches. 

Melbourne has a vast coastline with numerous beaches. There is a beach to suit everyone! Whether you prefer less crowded and tranquil or busy and popular, Melbourne doesn’t disappoint. While you’re there, grab an ice cream or some fish and chips for the perfect beach snacks. For the best places beaches in Melbourne, check out – 

Here at Ozford, we are located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, just across the road from Flagstaff Gardens. Luckily for our students, when better weather arrives, they can enjoy their lunchtimes and study breaks hanging out in the park and even attend their lesson online whilst enjoying that sunshine. We are looking forward to welcoming students back to campus soon!