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Following discussion by Ozford’s English Language Class, the education system of Melbourne holds a significant prestige and importance in the international community. Often times, many students claim that the quality of education in Australia, and in particular, Melbourne is a large drive for studying in Australia.

We spoke with Mia, regarding her decision to study in Melbourne.

“Australia’s education is the best in the world” she passionately told me. Originally from Vietnam, Mia moved to Australia to pursue her dream of entering business. Comparatively, the quality of education in Vietnam made her decide to leave and come to Australia. A part of her decision was the style of life enjoyed by millions of Australians.

Busy, motor filled roads polluted with noise and people builds a feeling of urban craze, that sometimes can be stressful and potentially dangerous. Australia’s streets are organised, and road rules are strictly enforced.

Even in India, a crazy situation is also seen. This impacts the ability of the economy to grow, and jobs are the primary victim of a developing economy. This was a key reason in the survey – having an Australian certified education was paramount in the ability of students to find employment in their home countries. A Bachelor of Business in Australia, for example, is regarded much higher compared to other countries. Furthermore, even completing VCE or VCAL studies provides strong benefits in applying for University and further education.

Krishna, a student from India commented on the complexity of migrating to Australia.

“I decided to come to Australia, since my brother was living here and I missed him a lot”, such family ties also are strong in deciding where people study.

Public policy, such as the Tuition Protection Scheme, ESOS Act and the National Code of Education Standards protects students and their education by law. All Australian Government Accredited Courses must adhere to this policy, and if not, risk losing their accreditation. This ensures strict standards and similar education standards around Australia. However, this comes at a cost.

Such standards require that students attain high grades and a minimum 5.5 for most Higher Education Programs. This can be difficult for some students, but such difficulty compliments the Australian education’s strict guidelines and ensures equal entry amongst all students based on merit.

Why should you study in Australia can be personal, but our students believe that the quality of education and high standard of living is important when considering their education choice.

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