Music to Help You Study

At Ozford, we understand that music plays a big part in maintaining one’s happiness, wellbeing and focus. Music is a powerful medium that transcends the ages, animal species and it can even communicate with unborn children.  

Music goes deep into, what one might consider, the soul to become a part of who we are and what we stand for… or don’t stand for. For many, the connection to music offers a particular comfort and association that can only be likened to religion.  

It is a great mood regulator that can help us to realign our thoughts and, in some cases, allow one to see reason through adversity. For example, after a gruelling day at study or work, sometimes the best medicine is to put on your favourite tune, whatever that may be, and bliss-out in your own private universe. 

The power of music can ameliorate complex emotions as it drives your thoughts away from tensions and minuscule details that, in the grand scheme of things, are revealed to be, not as important as you thought were only moments before.  

With regard to study, music can enrich your critical and analytical thinking. Depending on what you’re studying and where you’re at with your assignments, you could think about listening to something that puts you in the mood whilst you study.  

It’s not recommended to listen to anything too wordy, or aurally complicated, like Queen’s 1975 smash hit, Bohemian Rhapsody, but maybe something light, ethereal, gentle and even repetitive.  

Some like to play a song on repeat that fits a particular topic or mood of a subject that they’re studying, this can preserve a specific line of thought. But this will always depend on who you are and the mood you’re in, so you just have to experiment, and find a tune that is right for you. 

When asked, what music the team at Ozford listens to in order to study, work and focus, this is what we came up with; 

  • Yiruma, a Korean pianist, 
  • Plaid, an electronic IDM music duo from the UK, 
  • Jazz (genre), 
  • Classical (genre), 
  • Italian Operatic (genre), 
  • Deep House (genre), 
  • Lofi Hip hop (genre). 

An excellent hub for some of the best contemporary Australian music, can be found on the radio station Triple J, whose music is voted by the people, for the people. Essentially, it’s what everyone is listening to right now, and it’s free from commercial interests, allowing musicians to express what they want to say, rather than what some company wants them to say. You can vote here

At Ozford, we are committed to the wellbeing of our students and if music has helped you, we would love to hear your stories about the music that has resonated with you! 

Happy listening folks!