Financial Security

As a result of the turbulent times that we’ve had over these last few years, many of us have been thrust into thinking more about our financial security. At Ozford, we understand that people can experience a certain nervousness about their financial situation, but that’s normal. 

The one saving grace for domestic students is that there is Government support and you won’t go hungry. Many are fortunate enough to have Commonwealth fee-help as well as financial support with accommodation. But this help is finite, and before you know it, you’ll be financially on your own.  

It goes without saying that you should avoid financial obligations such as credit cards and other personal loans as much as you can 

If you haven’t already read it, the book by Scott Pape called The Barefoot Investor, has transformed the lives who are looking for financial security. It is a very easy read, comes in audible and physical formats and the tips you’ll learn will stay with you for life.  

We have also identified free services like Financial Counselling Australia, the National Debt Helpline and the AFSA.  

As life slowly returns to normal post pandemic, the economy will continue to get stronger and more opportunities will become available to you but just make sure, that you aspire to be the wise wunderkinder with your finances.  

Throughout your journey, whether it’s here on campus or elsewhere, Ozford hopes that you will keep-a-check of your finances, differentiate an indulgent purchase from a necessary purchase and read as much as you can about creating a secure financial life for you now, and in the future! 

Be sure to connect with Ozford’s Student Success Hub for further support.