Opportunity to study in Australia for international students in Bachelor program after Covid-19

How tough the year 2020 has been after the Covid-19 cases impacted almost every part of the world and everyone was in terror. This impacted business, the economy, and education that affected everyone in different ways. 

Covid-19 and its impact on education 

According to the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment, Australia had 517,519 international students as of January 2020, where a higher number of students are studying medical, IT, hospitality, and other various language courses. They were involved in different part-time jobs and were contributing to the economy. Still, when Australia decided to impose travel restrictions, most of the international students living in Australia and those dreaming of studying in Australia were most affected. As the universities were closed and many of them had to halt accepting students from outside the country. International students had to reschedule the semester because they could not earn their university fees and not give a timely payment. As many universities, TAFEs, schools, and colleges depend on the international student market, many institutions were shut down or almost bankrupt. Many of the students suffered mental illness; depression cases the most. They could not focus on their studies, whereas an increase in Covid-19 cases and lockdown made international students stop applying for the Universities.

New Normal and Opportunity for International Students 

As the virus’s onset and its impact left everyone in a panic, universities and schools decided to conduct online classes as physical classes were impossible. In 2021, online courses have become a new normal. So, everyone comes up with their strategies to save themselves and the business, and it seems like everyone has adapted well to it. As Australia has still not opened its borders and travel restrictions remain in place, international students can still apply for their suitable degrees and study online after getting the visa. They can then resume their physical classes once Australia opens the border. Different universities are providing assistantships, scholarships as per the student’s GPA, which may lessen the burden of fees paid by the students who do pretty well in their studies. 

Ozford Institute of Higher Education, situated in Melbourne City’s heart, conducts different international students’ programs such as Diploma of Business, Bachelor of Business, and Bachelor of Business (Accounting)courses with affordable fees and scholarships. 

Why Ozford is one of the best destination for international students?

  • Affordable fees
  • Exceptional facilities with industry-ready exposure
  • Located at the heart of Melbourne city
  • Friendly learning environment
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Career support followed by cultural diversity

Conclusion: Ozford is the best place for international students who are seeking to pursue their higher degree program with the best affordable fees and offers the best career options.

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