Reducing our carbon footprints in schools and businesses.

Being conscious of how much carbon your work or study place emits, is the first step in helping to reduce emissions.  

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases that are generated by our individual and organisational actions. A large carbon footprint is damaging to the environment and our planet as a whole.  

Ozford is making changes to the way we carry out procedures and implementing new practices in order to help mitigate the issue of climate change. This has been helped by our relocation to online and digital platforms.  

What can you do to contribute?   

  1. Change begins with knowledge  

By educating yourself you can be aware of the necessary changes that can be implemented and also promote encouraging dialogue among your colleagues and classmates to make them aware of what they can do individually and as a group to change policies and procedures. 

  1. Be dedicated to the cause 

By committing yourself to change you are actively promoting sustainable practices and following through with them. If you are dedicated and are able to demonstrate how easy it is to be green, others will be sure to follow suit.  

  1. Paper to digital  

Nowadays, we do not need to be using as much paper as we do, especially with the influx of technology that has been introduced to us in the last few years. By transforming everything digitally, you will be contributing to the reduction of cutting down trees and saving forests.  

  1. Recycle  

If you do happen to be printing and using paper occasionally, then ensure that you are recycling properly and that your school or business has implemented suitable recycling bins. This will make the process much easier for staff and students to abide by.  

  1. Travel to school or work by foot, bike or even public transport. 

Many prefer to travel in their cars as it is more luxurious when in fact it is more beneficial to use other means. Walking or cycling is definitely healthier and public transport these days is frequent and effective. Melbourne’s transport network in incredibly well connected that there would be no need to use your car in this city.  

  1. Be consistent  

Showing genuine care for your environment makes a whole lot of difference to the community around you. It’s also an opportunity to be creative and think of ways for yourself and others with to have a more efficient way of working together but in a more sustainable way.  

We look forward to welcoming our students back on campus soon and we hope to continue reducing our paper use and using digital platforms to share educational resources and material even as we make a slow transformation back from online to face-to-face. If you have any suggestions for how Ozford can be more sustainable, we are open and welcome to discuss new ideas.