Have you heard? 

Australia’s borders are set to reopen starting as early as next month, which means Ozford’s campus will be back and busy in no time. Ozford is so excited to have international students back and we want to ensure you are prepared for studying in Melbourne.  

With Australia’s vaccination program ramping up, some states are set to reach their double dose targets very soon, which will enable new freedoms including international travel for the first time in 18 months. 

Scott Morrison has announced that initial international travel will be prioritised for Australian permanent residents, citizens, skilled migrants, and international students. 

What does this mean for current offshore international students? 

Almost half of all international students in higher education are offshore and more than 130,000 students have been patiently waiting to return to Australian shores to complete their studies. Any student currently enrolled to an education program in Australia will be prioritised for their return. This is an exciting prospect for universities and schools.  

What does this mean for students applying and wanting to study next year in Australia? 

With enrolments starting as early as November for higher education and schools starting the new academic year in January, Australia will plan to get as many international students starting courses onshore as quick as possible. This is good news for Australia’s economic recovery and great news for both education and tourism industries.  

What are the regulations?  

In order to cross Australia’s borders, students must have a double dose of a TGA-recognised vaccine. What this means is the vaccine you have received must have been granted approval by the Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration. For more information on which vaccines have currently been approved by the TGA and which ones are in the process, visit https://www.tga.gov.au/covid-19-vaccines-not-registered-australia-current-international-use-tga-advice-recognition  

There will also be a quarantine procedure of seven days for new or returned arrivals. More information is set to be released on this in the coming weeks.  

What should I do now to prepare myself? 

  • Keep updated with Australian news to know which states are set to open first  
  • Regularly check flights and prices 
  • Check quarantine procedures as they are released by the government 
  • If you are planning to apply for a course to study in Australia, do it now!  

Ozford is ready to welcome international students back on campus. 

We are getting ready for our new intakes for Australia Higher Education Courses, Australia High School Courses, and Australia English Language Programs.  

Higher Education – November 29th 2021 

High School – 15th February 2022 

ELICOS – 17th January 2022 

To apply click the link here https://ozford.edu.au/apply-now/