Ozford is committed to providing a wide range of learning opportunities for students across all areas of the institute. As part of this commitment, we offer scholarships for students in both Ozford College and Ozford Institute of Higher Education with special talents. If you are a current student with another year of study ahead of you or a student planning to join us in 2022 and are interested in what the scholarship has to offer, please read on.  

What is the scholarship? 

The Scholarship is based on academic performance, good attendance, and commitment to being an active and positive student leader/representative within the Ozford community. If successful, students will receive discounts of their annual tuition fee for the period which the student continues to meet the scholarship requirements.  

For Ozford College, Year 11 students will have two scholarships available: 

  • Tier 1: for Outstanding Performance – A Tier 1 scholarship will equate to 25% of the Annual Tuition Fee for the period for which the student continues to meet the Scholarship requirements. 
  • Tier 2: for Endeavour Performance – A Tier 2 scholarship will equate to 15% of the Annual Tuition Fee. All other fees must still be paid according to the Fee Schedule. 

For Ozford Institute of Higher Education, students will receive:  

  • Up to $1300 of one year fee payment for previous and ongoing achievements and contributions  

Who is eligible? 

Scholarships are offered to current Year 11 students to receive in their Year 12 studies at Ozford College and to offshore higher education students currently studying in the Institute of Higher Education.  

Each Ozford College Scholarship holder will be the highest academically ranked student in the year level (Years 11) determined by the result obtained at the end of the semester of application. The ranking process will be determined by Ozford.  

There are limited numbers of Higher Education Scholarships and will be offered to students who have achieved an average GPA of 70% or higher in previous studies or a high IELTS scores (conditions apply and vary across nationalities)  

Consideration will also be given to a written submission as to how the student has contributed and will in the future, contribute to Ozford in terms of: 

  • Leadership and example to the Ozford student body 
  • Involvement in Ozford Events and Activities 
  • Other matters that the student considers relevant to making as contribution to Ozford. 

When are they awarded? 

Scholarships are awarded from the beginning of a year only and are based on academic evidence from the previous year. Students will apply for the scholarships in the second semester (semester of application). 

How do I apply?  

Students who wish to apply for a scholarship for the following year must:  

  • Complete the Application Form. 
  • Include copies of any past Ozford Reports or past scores and achievements with the Application Form. 
  • Submit the Application Form to the relevant department Coordinator by the closing date for applications indicated on the Application Form.  

There are limited scholarships on offer each year. If you are a current Year 11 or offshore Higher Education student and are interested in applying for one of our scholarships, please email info@ozford.edu.au for more information or to obtain an application form.