Ozford is extremely excited to announce that it is offering its first ever post graduate courses from November!  

With the introduction of these new courses, we are able to expand student opportunities and provide them with further options to upskill and advance their professional knowledge giving an extra advantage for entering the job market.   

We will be introducing three new courses next month. These will be: 

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Professional Accounting  
  • Graduate Diploma in Management  

The MBA course has been designed to help students elevate their careers in business and assist them in achieving their professional goals across a number of industries. This course will be delivered over 24 months full-time. On completion, students will have gained knowledge through real-world and practical learning which will allow graduates to succeed in employment and gain confidence to be global leaders.  

The MPA course will cover a full spectrum of business, financial and management accounting. It will enable students to gain a comprehensive understanding of accounting and help build confidence in entering the professional world. Students who enrol in this course will receive authentic learning experiences through the work-integrated and industry-informed units which are delivered. The course duration is also 24 months full-time.  

The Graduate Diploma in Management is a fantastic course which provides students, current managers, and leaders with the opportunity to upgrade their skills in management and advance their leadership skills and knowledge so they can continue to achieve their career goals. This course is delivered over 12 months full-time.  

Ozford Institute of Higher Education offers quality education and fosters a personalised environment making it a unique environment in comparison to other higher education settings. Our new programs align with our values of preparing students for successful professional careers and embracing lifelong learning.  

Are you about to finish your undergraduate degree? Are you wondering what to do next? Are you not quite ready to enter the professional market yet? If the answer is yes, then consider these exciting new offers at Ozford.  

Our intake dates for onshore students will be November 2021 for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and for offshore students March 2022, so keep your eyes peeled for further instructions on how to apply for any of our post graduate courses.