Studying at Ozford, or anywhere for that matter, can feel like things are moving very fast.   

For example, in order to keep up to date with the ever-changing digital landscape, consumers (yes that’s you!) need to move fast and remain agile. When an update to a program is presented, one needs to embrace it, even if it’s significantly different to the last. 

For study and work, you must keep on top of things and be able to track your progress. Using spreadsheets is an excellent way to do this and if you think that spreadsheets are ‘not for you’, you’ll have to immediately adapt because, these programs are commonplace in areas of business. They’re actually pretty easy to use.  

Being able to access a log that you’ve kept will speed things up for you and will also hold essential data that your memory might have decided to leave on the park bench (metaphorically speaking)  

That said, with all this talk of speed, we have to slow down at times too. Keep the balance, Ying & Yang.  

So when all of your tasks have been completed for the day, and you’re relativity happy with your day’s achievements, switch off and power down (your brain that is!). This will allow you to approach the next day with a renewed outlook and it could give you the edge you need to smash out something fantastic.  

Powering down your brain will also let you spend time and support the ones closest to you because as all, they will be the ones support you when push comes to shove.  

If you need any support from us at Ozford, check out our Student Services, Success Hub or knock on the door. We’re always happy to help!