As the Covid-19 Pandemic keeps plunging us into lockdowns, we face doing all our regular school and study responsibilities from home. 

Here are five tips to help you succeed in your online learning and stay on top of your studies.

  1. Set up a study zone

Whether it’s the table in your kitchen or a desk in your bedroom, it’s good to have a designated area where you can focus and get in the zone. Ideally, the place that you choose should be somewhere with few distractions and some natural light. Most importantly, it should be comfortable and organised. 

  1. Organise your day

Time management, structure, and self-motivation need to be at the forefront of your mind when studying at home, as it is easy to fall into the temptations of procrastination. Create a study timetable to schedule your classes, study sessions, and homework tasks. Make sure you include some time for yourself, including taking a break, grabbing something to eat, and going for walks. These are essential things to help keep you motivated.

  1. Stay connected

Constantly being at home means connecting with people is more important than ever. Regularly check in with friends and family. Zoom, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are great ways to video call your loved ones, and although it’s not the same as seeing people face to face, it can help fill that void. 

Ensure that you attend your online classes because this is a great time to collaborate with your teacher and classmates and discuss what you’re learning. You could even organise with your classmates to connect online and study together outside of class time to brainstorm and make learning more fun!

Finally, remember to turn on your camera during class time and actively participate so you, your teacher, and your classmates can all see each other’s faces and feel like you are back in the classroom – it truly does make the difference.

  1. Set boundaries 

It’s essential to minimise distractions when studying from home. If your house is too noisy or if you’re studying in a shared area, it might be wise to invest in some noise-cancelling headphones. Additionally, keep your social media use to a minimal as this can be the most prominent form of distraction. Lastly, set boundaries for screentime – too much screentime is not ideal, and you should take regular breaks so as not to damage your eyes and increase your tiredness. 

  1. Look after yourself

The most important thing to consider when learning online and being at home is to keep track of your health and wellbeing. Ensure you practice hygiene and physical distancing when going outside and make exercise a vital part of your daily routine. Know that it is entirely normal to feel stressed and anxious during such unprecedented times and that there are many support services and information to help you if you’re struggling. Reach out if you need help, and visit the Australian Government Department of Health website(external link) if you need more information. 

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