This week we will be introducing our first blog in a series of “TOP 5” blogs to be released every week. Fear not, none of these blogs will venture into the “top 5  reasons to vote liberal” or “top 5 reasons Gen Z have it all” or god forbid ‘top 5 reasons why the new Kardashians series is a must much!” 

This series will focus more on our work, play and study life balance and how to best make the most out of our day. This blog will highlight those hidden treasures of Melbourne that some of our students at Ozford might have missed, or better yet lists of platforms that will support those of us paddling upstream on a student budget. Living, working and studying in Melbourne can be a daunting experience if you don’t know the area, it’s even harder for those of us who come from regional towns or even international origins. This blog will seek to level the playing field and to help our newcomers adapt to their new environment. 

This week we will list out top 5 study locations in Melbourne and how utilising them will help with your study and home life balance. 


If you’re struggling to balance your work/study/personal life like me then a lot of the time you find yourself multitasking and juggling two at the same time. Last week I found myself sitting at laundromat trying to finish a load of washing whilst trying to finish a project, laptop purchased haphazardly on my knees. You know the setting, small slots or side benches in a small, out of date and clinical looking laundromat with not a coffee in site!. Well scattered round the city is a chain of laundromats called “Soap Bar Laundrette” these laundromats are tailored for the young professional, with an abundance of work benches, massage chairs and small coffee bars. The idea is simple, head out and do your weekly washing whilst submersing yourself into a comfortable, familiar environment that reflects the inner city coffee bar vibe we’ve all come to love. This excellent concept deserves a place on our list as it takes a fair bit to get me excited for laundry day. 


[image source: Mr Tulk Café] 

Located right next to the State Library, Mr Tulk offers a study environment close enough to the State Library that you can access those resources on a whim and yet close enough to your hourly dose of caffeine that you won’t be at risk of experiencing a meltdown anytime soon. Many of ur students at Ozford opt for Mr. Tulk as the huste and bustle of city life suites them as opposed to the stillness of the State Library. Mr Tulk also offers competitive prices, with the average small coffee in Melbourne set to reach over 4.50, Mr. Tulk is sitting steady on 4.00 and because you’re all great little savers, every cent counts. 


Suited to large student projects, Melbourne office a multitude of co-working spaces. Coming out of our various lockdowns from the last 2 years, Melbourne is only just bouncing back into fulltime office hours, with some firms opting for rotating working from home hours. With this comes the increased availability of co-work spaces scattered throughout greater Melbourne. Depending on your requirements, you can book a single desk or a large conference room with many online listing websites offering an increasingly competitive market. It’s perhaps not something I would recommend for single study but I can’t recommend it enough for group projects. With everyone dishing in to cover the costs this is an excellent opportunity that is growing in the city. I have previously used websites such as put the thrifty students I have met have had great success with the likes of Facebook and even gumtree. Not only does studying in Co-work spaces give you an insight into corporate life, it opens up the possibility of making network connections, giving you a head start in your career. 


[image source: Rustica Sourdough] 

Being a long time resident of Prahran, I can’t not mention my go-to haunt, Rustica. Located on Chapel Street just opposite the Jam Factory, Rustica reflects the modernist bohemian vibe of Prahran and South Yarra. With its large open plan dining room and pristine modern furniture and food, one might feel out of place as a student. Think nothing of it, the modernist look clashes with its alternative, tattoo riddled staff and the ever present Ivy plants, synonymous with the single bedroom flats of the inner east puts you at ease straight away. Rustica benefits single students or large groups with small tables and larger corporate style tables to suite every requirements. My favourite feature would be the USB outlets located between every table. Rustica is a must if you want to study and experience the unique Prahran vibe. 

    [image source: State Library Victoria] 

It’s unsurprising that the state library of Victoria comes in at number one on our list, it’s an institution for the inner city student with a majority of our students at Ozford having spent time here. With a bespoke vibe and a vast array of learning materials and resources, the State library has the ability to make the idea of studying one of prestige and class. As you look around the building you get a sense of confidence in the leaders of tomorrow, with those studying teaching degrees sitting side by side with those studying law and accounting. It’s all walks of life, shoulder to shoulder in a quiet hum of fastidious care. The State library holds the bar and the standard for those who care about their studies and is almost a rite of passage for the young professional.