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VCE Student Chases Scholarship to Relieve Educational Burden for Parents

Imagine piles of homework while managing a Mexican restaurant in some of Melbourne’s most busy retail space. This is what Enzo Peperkamp, a year 12 student studying VCE does every week – and his motivation for doing so is even sweeter. Born in the south of France, Enzo moved to Melbourne with his family following his mother’s dream of building a new life. A mother of two, Nathalie came to Australia to become a naturopath.

I sat down with Enzo and asked him about his dreams.

“I want to get a 95 ATAR to study Engineering and Cyber Security at Swinburne” he says in his calm voice. He told me that if he receives a 95 ATAR score, he will receive a scholarship and not need to pay the high international fees which he feels would burden his family.

Only 17, Enzo arrived to Australia with limited English – his strong work ethic and discipline allowed him to receive a Scholarship of Excellence at Ozford College. When he’s not working, or studying, he told me that he likes doing as all youth do – hanging out with friends, playing on his computer, and going to the gym.

Australia’s international student boom has seen the arrival of thousands of students like Enzo. The high quality of life, coupled with our world-leading education system has allowed a hotpot of cultures to brew. Unlike other countries, Australian courses are protected by law such as requiring refunds if schools stop offering units mid-course. If the course doesn’t meet the required framework, the provider will also lose their accreditation. This means that Australian degrees are respected internationally as they must meet difficult legislative and industry guidelines. Australian degrees are therefore relevant to the industry students want to get into.

If you’re interested in finding out more, why not contact one of our amazing course planners here at Ozford. With dedicated support, and a diverse and inclusive environment, Ozford offers more than just a standard degree with guaranteed internship placements (organized by us) so you can focus on your degree. High Achieving High School students are also eligible to study university credits to shorten the length of their University education, and gain an upper hand compared to other students.

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