Why Melbourne Can Be a Better Option for Vietnamese Students?

Whether you’re looking for a place to study abroad, do a work placement, or just want to travel, you’ve probably got a few countries in mind. But which one to choose? Studying abroad can be so tempting. It can be hard to decide when you have so many options to choose between the countries and to be specific which city? But, before you start dreaming of your first day in class, it may be worth considering how you’ll pay for it. The average cost of studying abroad is $25,000 for two semesters. So, if you’re trying to decide, it’s important to consider why you want to study abroad and what you want to study and also should look for study destinations that offer security as well as affordable fee structures. As in times like this where the world is fighting a pandemic, choosing an abroad for study can be a tough decision for students.

So, considering everything in mind Melbourne, Australia can be the best study destination for Vietnamese students after the border opens. Australia is already accepting international students and many of the students are using online mediums for obtaining their degree. Since Victoria has decided to consider opening borders and Melbourne being the capital of Victoria, the Australian Government is currently trying to make Melbourne a more appealing option for international students. Vietnam and Australia always having friendly ties politically too thus, we’ve compiled a guide why Melbourne is an attractive destination for Vietnamese students.


In Vietnam, the cost of living is high. Not only is it more expensive to rent a small apartment, but the cost of living as a whole can be quite steep. Unfortunately, the cost of living in Vietnam is increasing all the time. If you’re a student and have to travel to other cities for your studies, you will need to go out and inspect directly in order to find good and affordable accommodations. In times like this where pandemic is hitting everyone and most of all for the students who are trying to earn a living, In Vietnam, students can find part-time jobs but with low salary which makes it hard for them to pay the living expense if they don’t live with their families. While in Melbourne, the salary students earn from casual and part-time jobs can be sufficient for their living. This makes Melbourne an ideal and affordable city for international students. The cost of living is relatively low, and housing is also quite cheap compared to Sydney. Students are allowed to work part-time thus, they can manage their expenses through it. Therefore, Vietnamese students can consider Melbourne to study and work.

English as the main language

For students who want to study at university in Melbourne, English will be the main language used in the course of their studies. Getting a job after graduation will be easier for those who have better command in English. That’s why, The Australian Government encourages students to work during their studies to gain practical skills and experience. Although English is one of the mandatory subjects in Vietnam, students have limited opportunities to practice, especially speaking and listening skills. This can be improved if they decide to study in an English speaking environment like Melbourne.

Close to home

It takes about 8 hours for a direct flight to Melbourne from Ho Chi Minh City. If you depart from Hanoi or other cities, you can either choose to take domestic flights to Ho Chi Minh City or transfer in a third country which takes about 11 hours. For students from Hanoi, you can also take a direct flight to Sydney and then take an Australian domestic flight to Melbourne. This is one of the main points that makes Vietnamese parents choose Australia as a destination for their children study because Australia is much closer to their homes, comparing to that of USA, Canada, or UK. You can find accommodation close to the university or the city centre. As a Vietnamese student said, the cost of living in Australia is significantly cheaper than in Vietnam. If you are planning to live in Melbourne the cost of living per week starts from $230 to $750 ranging on your accommodation type (Source:Insider Guides). There are many best Vietnamese restaurants around Melbourne, if you crave for your homely food and also many of the Vietnamese families and students are there that makes Melbourne feel close to home.


The city is filled with people and safety is a common phrase in the local media. Australia has always been welcoming to international students, always love welcoming new cultures and traditions. People are always treated with respect. Vietnam and Australia always have friendly relations, almost 37% of the Vietnamese live in Victoria (Source: Entry-emelbourne), making Australia the best choice for the Vietnamese student. If you walk down a street in Melbourne you will be more likely to see a police officer who will always be happy to help people. The authorities are in control, there are many safety cameras in the city and Melbourne is a clean city that smells of flowers. Melbourne also doesn’t have a significant crime rate, according to the Australian National Crime Prevention Council. They also have a 24-hour security system called Safe Night Precinct. Friendly Culture Melbourne has many culture activities and activities that are popular among the youth. There are many places that are fun and affordable. Melbourne is filled with many famous restaurants, bars, cinemas and places that attract different crowds.

Opportunities for Vietnamese students

Over the last few years, more Vietnamese international students have come to Australia in hopes of studying here. There is a wide range of opportunities for Vietnamese students to study in Australia. Australia offers, PhD Program that lasts for 4 years, or even up to 5 years for experienced scholars. Applicants need to have a Master’s degree or above and good performance at the English proficiency test. In terms of financial support, the academic committee evaluates each case carefully and makes sure that each student will have the opportunity to continue his/her studies, as well as develop his/her career. With such a large amount of funding, one can move abroad and work freely. Up to 90 percent of students receive grants from the university and the government of Australia. 


To sum up, in order to choose a great school and be happy, you must be prepared to work hard. You will be working hard every day at school, and also working hard in your spare time. So, students must prepare for the worst to get the best. Overall, the city is affordable, welcoming like home and always offers a hand for international students in their need. So, without any doubt students can consider studying in Melbourne, Australia.