With the end of exams for both VCE and Semester 2 for Uni students, many of our students faced the following seemingly impossible challenge to solve: how is it possible to stop studies from dictating and taking over your life? Whether it is stress, other obligations, or just a lack of consistent studying, you currently face the aftermath of leaving stuff to the last minute and hoping somehow to pull off the end of the semester/year. Well, you’re lucky because I have prepared for you a few tips that can (and will!) change your chances of doing better.

  1. Organise your schedule ahead of time

While that may already be obvious, being organized can help you tremendously. It will not keep you away from all of it, but it will definitely save you a lot of trouble. On your calendar/schedule, have your deadlines written down, dedicate timeslots where you will focus on work or study and spend good time with relatives or friends to socialize. Having a good work/life balance will be the key to your success.

  1. Do not sacrifice your sleep

Probably as important as being organised, having a good sleep is key to being consistent in your efforts and achievements. Sleeping well and being rested will significantly increase your alertness, concentration and energy levels. This will in turn positively affect your performances in all aspects, whether it is physical or mental. So in short, taking over your sleep time to study will only make you study less effectively for longer. On the other hand, resting and studying more effectively will guarantee you more free time!

  1. Stop bailing on your social life

Sometimes all you need is a bit of a break from what you have been cramming. Whether it is visiting a relative, hanging out with your family or even just hanging out at a friend’s place not doing much, a bit of socialising does not hurt. It should be the time for you to just recharge your batteries, put a smile on your face and get back to what you are busy with.

  1. Find hobbies and things you’re passionate about doing

Taking a breather through exploring your hobbies and experiencing new things will let your mind relax for a little bit. For that exact reason, doing the things you love is important to feel good about yourself and you shouldn’t put them off until after your exams or your semester.

I hope that applying these tips will help you strive in your course, because it has sure helped some of our students!