Why It’s Okay To Be By Yourself This Weekend

Hello students!

You might be in the middle of your grind, busy every day with work, school, or any side hustle going on. Consequently, your only free time is spent socializing with others. In consequence, you never really take the time to set back, relax and recharge. While this might work for you in the short term, this rhythm of life has often been the reason for burn-outs.

Solitude is bliss

When you find yourself overwhelmed by life, exhausted, and that your mind is all jumbled, you will most likely find the necessary peace in yourself. In those times when you are uncertain of your next move, it is often necessary to just take a moment by yourself, with no phone, and no one around, and just do what you feel like doing. For example, your hobby! Or relax with a pet. Hell, you should even spend the night playing your favorite video games. Even the most extroverted people sometimes need their time alone to recharge their batteries, and it is healthy to do so.

It’s your time to do what you were putting off, finally

If you’re unsure of what to do when you finally have the free time if you’re twiddling your thumbs and feel like you are wasting your time, think no more. It is time to do the stuff you’ve been putting off! If you’ve always thought of getting started in mechanics, painting, or baking, now is the time to try. Start that new book that has been waiting for you to open from the top of your bookshelf, pick up the tools or get behind the oven!

Regardless of what your weekly schedule looks like, always ensure for your own mental health to have alone time or time dedicated to doing what you love doing most. It will boost your overall motivation, happiness, and productivity!