Electronic scooters, or, e-scooters, are kind of like swings, merry-go-rounds or seesaws for us grownups.  

… But they’re not only fun, but they are also super handy to get from A to B. 

Ozford is located at the heart of the CBD and all of our staff and, students must find safe and effective ways to get to and from the campus, be that tram, train, bus, car and now e-scooters. 

In Melbourne, the introduction of shared e-scooters by companies like Lime and Neuron has seen thousands of locals sailing about the city and surrounds.  

What to look out for 

Bike lanes  

Bike lanes are a great addition to Melbourne’s transport infrastructure, particularly the type of lanes that separate a rider from a motorist however, these are not impervious to serious collisions.  

For example, if a motorist goes to turn left, they will invariably have to cross over your lane and if they are not paying attention to you approaching from their left side, it may result in significant damage to you and your scooter or, worst case, the loss of life. 

It is a legal requirement to wear a helmet in Melbourne so make sure you have access to one. You may receive a fine or much worse, you may end up in a mortuary… and we don’t want either of those things. 

Please don’t assume that we can see each other! 

Many motorists are not accustomed to our new shared roads here in Melbourne, especially those from rural areas or other countries. There may be a shared assumption that the person operating the other vehicle is alert and can see you but, that’s a dangerous presumption to adopt.  

It could be said that every person who shares our roadways needs to adopt the proverb, ‘to assume is to make an enemy of exactitude’ or, more colloquially, ‘to assume in to make an ass out of you and me’. The latter plays on the deconstruction of the word ‘assume’ i.e., ‘ass-u-me’ but I digress. 

Be visible when you’re on your scooter and slow the flip down Speedy Gonzales!   

Wear bright colours when you’re scooting, only go as fast as what you could handle if you were to fall off… and, for the love of Jean Luc Goddard, don’t ‘assume’ that you can be seen!!  

For you motorists…  

Yeah you, sitting in your warm cosy cars with the radio blaring, remember that you are in a steel box with airbags, protecting you from many hazards of the outside world but, for Class 1 and 2 riders (bikes and e-scooters), they should be regarded as extremely delicate, with the fragility of a newborn baby.  

So be careful and give them a wide birth (no pun intended) when you’re overtaking them. 

Short of sounding like an overbearing, nagging parent, we at Ozford need you PLEASE be safe out there when commuting! Ozford puts the safety of all our staff and students at top priority.  

Whether you’re a scooter rider or and Grand Prix motorist champion, respect those who you share the road with, and have fun! 


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