Fee Help @ ozford

We at Ozford, believe that our success lies in the success of our students. And we make it happen by being committed to achieving education for excellence.

We are located at Ground 123-129 Lonsdale Street, right in the heart of Melbourne. Easily accessible and open to opportunities within the Central Business District.

There are no entry requirements or the need for ATAR for studying at Ozford for our domestic students. However, this does not mean there’s a compromise in the quality of degrees awarded. Our qualifications are undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

Ozford offers the benefit of ‘FEE-HELP’ a government initiative to cover the fees of the courses. Generally, this fund does not cover the cost of study materials, books, or accommodation. This is where Ozford offers additional study aid by providing each student a personal laptop and easy access to books from our library, making studying stress-free. 

In collaboration with VTAC, Ozford has made the enrolment process as easy as following a checklist. Meet one of our friendly team members, and with the assistance of your School Careers Counsellor, we are here to guide you until you complete your studies! 

For students looking to upskill or learn an additional new skill set, we have a postgraduate certificate that would take only 6 months to complete! A quick and easy way to raise your income and get a better career.

Our course offerings are:

Exclusive of these courses above, Ozford offers various ‘Career Boost’ programs namely- The job Ready program, OzFolio, Lifeskills, and Internship program. Together these are commonly termed as ‘JOLI’.

The Student Success Coach is always on hand to guide our students to achieve academic and life skill success.

Through our Internship program, students can gain valuable knowledge and experience of the industry market with actual projects. Suitably accompanied with resume writing help, building interviewing skills followed by Internship placement

In addition to our higher education, Ozford also has a Victorian Certificate of Education program that will allow students to study in a smaller, personalized learning environment and not have to worry about wearing a uniform! The VCE program would also be advantageous for mature-age students who may have missed out on study in early life.

* For more information about the Australian Government’s student loan scheme, follow the link here.