Food for Academic Thought

It’s no surprise that the team at Ozford do not endorse bad dietary habits.  

When I say ‘bad’, you probably know what I mean. Junk food, sugary beverages such as Slurpies and energy drinks. Foods that are high in salt and saturated fat content like, ooh, what’s that ubiquitous multinational fast-food store that’s on almost every corner? Mmmm, yeah, that one!  

Poor diet can not only lead to heart disease and obesity, but it can affect the way we think and process our thoughts. Too much sugar for example, will give the mind a sharp spike in alertness although that this fleeting and before too long, this alertness will be replaced with sluggishness, lethargy and tiredness. Your alertness will be up and down like a yoyo on a rollercoaster! 

Look, we’re not going to sugar coat this (no pun intended) but you must consider your diet if you haven’t already!  

Berries are a superfood that has been proven to increase blood flow to brain, thanks to a high concentrate of these things called flavonoids, which are valuable proteins found in fruit.  While some fruits are quite high in sugar, such as figs and mangoes, blueberries are ranked low on the glycaemic index and are… well, just delicious!  

But… say you have a rapacious sweet tooth and a crippling weakness for chocolate.  

Consider dark chocolate instead of the sweeter milk chocolate. Sure, it will taste bitter at first, but when you start, your palate will soon warm to flavour and you’ll become a chocolate connoisseur. Dark chocolate has a high flavonoid content, you know, that stuff that helps your brain work better, and it is also lower in sugar, meaning that you will avoid the unpredictable peaks and troughs of alertness.  

Nuts contribute to brain health as they are packed with the essential fats (good fats!). Studies have shown that consuming 5 servings of nuts per week will increase alertness and cognitive reaction time. Do be aware that nuts can be problematic for those with severe allergies. 

To have a good supply of snacks like dried apricots, trial mix, and seeds rather than lollies and sweets, can keep you stay nourished for longer, increase alertness and it won’t break the bank!   

Ozford wishes everyone the best for their studies and we hope that you look after yourself by eating well. 

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