We are proud to announce the approval from the VCAA Board of OZFORD’s provision of a VCE Extension Study – called Management and Law. An extension VCE study is one which provides some of the corresponding VCE unit 3/4 study, but also provides content that goes beyond or extends the VCE content. 

Management and Law is a unit 3/4 sequence treated as a fifth or sixth subject for the purposes of calculating an ATAR; that is, 10% of the study score is added to a student’s total score for calculating a ranking.

This year only universities had such approval, so OZFORD has now been ranked with them.

The VCE subject comprises two undergraduate units provided at OZFORD –

  • Management Principles (treated as a VCE unit 3)
  • Commercial Law (treated as a VCE unit 4).

These units are provided using detailed resources included on OZFORD’s online Moodle learning management system and can be undertaken at the student’s school.  Assessment in each unit is by a multiple-choice test, an assignment and a final examination. Satisfactory completion of a unit is when a student obtains a 50%+ score on the total assessment results.

To be eligible, students must have their school Principal’s approval as well as undertaking (or have completed) units 3/4 Business Management and units 3/4 Legal Studies.

The benefits of selecting Management and Law are –

  • Broaden your formal learning experience with a taste of higher education
  • Increase your ATAR with wider studies in Business Management and Legal Studies
  • Increase your ATAR with Management and Law calculated as a fifth subject (10% rule)
  • Gain TWO first-year credits towards OZFORD’S Bachelor of Business or Diploma of Business
  • No tuition fees charged by OZFORD for Management and Law
  • For those following up with enrolment in a degree at OZFORD, there are cost savings of thousands of dollars and reduced loan repayments in the future
  • Fast-track your degree/diploma with Management and Law credits.           

For more information and application, contact:  
Dr Kevin Gould,
0411 016 861

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