Why Ozford Institute of Higher Education

The principal purpose of Ozford Institute of Higher Pty Ltd (OIHE) is the provision of higher education to domestic and international students. OIHE is committed to providing quality educational programs for students to achieve their educational and personal goals and embrace lifelong learning. Ozford fosters a personalised environment where students can develop skills and values to enable them to participate effectively in their chosen career field and the wider community.

OIHE was registered by Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) in 2015. The TEQSA National register sets out OIHE’s current regulatory status and the details of the courses that have been accredited by TEQSA and the renewal dates. Please see National register search | Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (teqsa.gov.au) . All the courses offered by OIHE are recognised in the Australian Qualifications Framework. TEQSA has also registered OIHE as a CRICOS provider (CRICOS Provider Code: 03429B) which enables it to recruit overseas students that want to study in Australia under a student visa. The details of the OIHE registration can be accessed at this link: Institution Details – Ozford Institute of Higher Education Pty Ltd.

OIHE is a company established by constitution in accordance with the Corporations Act that trades as Ozford Institute of Higher Education and has one shareholder, OHE Holdings Pty Ltd as trustee for the Ozford Higher Education Trust. OIHE has a Governing Board (Board of Directors) established under the Constitution that operates as set out in the OIHE Governance framework and consists of six members.  Supporting the Governing Board is an Academic Board and Audit and Risk Committee. The OIHE Academic Board has responsibility for the development and oversight of policy on all academic matters including learning and teaching, new and revised programs, assessment standards and student conduct.  The Audit and Risk Committee oversights OIHE risk management framework, financial reporting, internal controls, compliance and the external audit process. Please see Our People | Ozford Australia for details of the current members of the Governing Board, Academic Board and Audit and Risk Committee.

 The Executive Management team consists of the President and CEO, Academic Dean, Head of Marketing and Student Experience and Compliance Manager. The Executive Management team are supported by six teams, the Academic (Lecturers and Tutors) team is responsible for academic services, the Marketing and Student Experience team is responsible for marketing, student recruitment and support services, the Compliance team is responsible for oversighting compliance and corporate secretarial support, the Accounts team is responsible for financial services and reporting and the ITS Services team is responsible for ICT services and support.  Please see Our People | Ozford Australia for details of the current members of the Executive Management team and key staff.

In September 2023, OIHE had 180+ enrolled students, indicative enrolments were as follows:

  • Diploma of Business– 15 students   
  • Bachelor of Business – 30 students
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting)- 25 students   
  • Graduate Certificate in Management – 15 students          
  • Graduate Diploma in Management – 15 students 
  • Master of Business Administration – 35 students  
  • Master of Professional Accounting- 50 students   

The Bachelor of Information Systems and Bachelor of Cyber Security courses will commence in late 2023 or early 2024.

Please see our Pre-Enrolment Guide and Whole of Institution Information for more information about OIHE, our courses, campus, its facilities, learning resources and services provided for students. It can be found at: Policies and Procedures | Ozford Australia.

Personalized Care

A personalized learning environment including small class sizes and ‘one on one’ tuition outside of formal classes and support with qualified academic staff

PhD Academic Leadership

Access to an Academic leadership team that is highly qualified with PhD qualifications from reputable universities, all of whom are highly experienced in the delivery of tertiary education in Australia

3% Discount

3% Discount for a full year payment for onshore applicants only.

OZFORDplus internships*

We can arrange internships,short-term work experience or special unpaid industry assignments as they arise. Every student receives personal guidance and advice from our Student Success Coach who matches students with employers and helps them to create an Ozfolio.
An Ozfolio is a career portfolio and a collection of skills evidence. Having an Ozfolio helps to ensure Ozford students are always one step ahead in the job market.

New Facilities

At Ozford, we are proud of the range of accessible facilities that provide our students with a positive and comfortable learning experience to thrive and succeed. Ozford was fitted out with new modern facilities, furnishings and fittings in 2023 for student engagement and interaction—both during and outside class times.

The OIHE campus is situated at 123 Lonsdale Street Melbourne and all facilities were renewed in 2023. Our spacious classrooms and lecture theatre are bursting with natural light and are equipped with the latest technology to provide a dynamic learning environment. Students have access to wide-ranging student resource centre, student common areas, group/meeting areas, computing facilities and online resources including computers, Wi-Fi and internet, printing and kitchen facilities.

English Language And Welfare Support

Free academic support classes for students who need extra help with their class content or their assignments.
Students welfare is our priority. We aim to create a safe and caring environment while providing opportunities for students to enjoy their study life.