How to make friends in Melbourne

Making friends wherever you are is not always the easiest thing in the world. From the sweaty palms, to the nerves you feel when you go alone, it can all feel daunting especially if you come to a new country. Yet, after you’ve made the first few friends, more and more will come. Follow the advice in this article and soon you’ll be on your way to Sunday Brunches, Friday Parties and Wednesday dinners.

When you come to a new country the most important thing is the language. Even though in Australia, and Melbourne, the society is very diverse and there is no ‘national language’, the de facto and lingua franca of Australia is English. Whether you’re from India, France or Colombia, you will need to communicate in English with everyone that doesn’t speak your language

Second of all, putting yourself out there is a great and effective way to meet people and also growing. Talking to people you sit beside, and actively starting conversations with people you meet on the street will not only put you in touch with new people but also boost your confidence. Science shows that the more you do a particular task, the better and more comfortable you will feel. Next time you’re on the tram, or on the train, try to start a conversation – you never know who you might meet!

Joining a club or an activity is also a great way to meet people. Even if you have no ‘skill’, by joining a group you’ll meet a diverse array of people all united by the same passion. Better yet, by doing this you’ll be networking yourself especially if it’s related to your profession. There are both free and paid-for activities all around Melbourne – from Spanish Salsa dancing, to Fitness, Cooking, Painting, Botany, Entrepreneurial Development – the list goes on! A quick search on Google will do the trick.

Lastly, one of the best ways to meet people and make great friends is through education. By building a foundation of knowledge, you’ll be surrounded by people often daily. This means that you will get to know a lot of people. However, one of the toughest things is choosing which course is best suited to your needs. Sometimes you want a course that is diverse, engaging and provides opportunities to grow. Bachelor of Business courses include an internship where Ozford finds the internship for you – you do not have to do anything! Better yet, foundational VCE and English Language Courses will set you up not only academically, but also socially.