Jens Ziehe © Olafur Eliasson | Olafur Eliasson, ‘Stardust particle’ 2014 (Source)

Hello Melbourne!

The water cooler conversations today all revolved around the improvement of our city’s temperatures for spring. That got me wondering, what does everyone have planned for the coming month?

Besides the usual “visiting friends, family,” I did not receive much of an interesting answer. That’s when I wished there existed some sort of blog or list that would inform me of anything interesting happening around Melbourne. If only ? 

Luckily for you, I am here yet again to save the day. Here comes the list of exciting activities we are fortunate to be very close to at Ozford:

  • Nepal Festival Melbourne (10th September from 11 AM)

Are you involved in the Nepali culture, or would you like to be? This is your best chance to do so. During this festival that celebrates love, diversity, and inclusivity, you will meet and interact with many Nepali cultural representatives, enjoy some of their exquisite traditional food and witness colorful costumes!

  • AR.Trail (23rd August – 30th September)

This out-of-the-ordinary art exposition features breathtaking pieces of art you can view with your smartphone. Using the Augmented Reality technology, you can live the exposition to the extent that other expositions cannot match. It also does not require any booking, and it is free, so you might as well enjoy it!

  • Light: Late Night Access (17th June – 12th November)

This art exposition which features a collection inspired by over 200 years of art history, is a mind-blowing visual and auditory experience. Its night exposition highlights the magnificence of the light show, which you can enjoy along with dinner or drinks from the Light Lounge.

All these events are within walking distance from your favorite school’s campus, located on Lonsdale Street. It would be a shame to attend those without dropping by to say hi to our staff. Who knows, we might be going to the same events!

With a range this broad of activities to do in Melbourne, we wish you a packed and entertaining month of September, during which we hope to see you as well.

Let’s enjoy this spring!