After High School, probably halfway through your higher studies or later, you will find yourself faced with the challenge of fitting a full-time workload while having to continuously support yourself. This can get really tiring. While in High School and during your Higher Education you can get support from our student success program, or even just by contacting the welfare officer, those options do not exist anymore once you graduate. This is why today we will have a quick look at the options you have to stay fit while having a hectic work schedule!

Home workouts

If you struggle to find the time to go to the gym or the park to train, try and organise a time when you can train from home! It won’t take much of your time, those workouts can range from 15 to 45 minutes, and it saves you from getting ready, commuting to the place where you can train and back. It also is very easy to setup; it merely requires you to have access to internet and a screen to follow tutorials. Bonus: it is very easy to simply lock the room, put on your favourite playlist and zone out for the remaining of the day if you wish to do so.  

Walk during your lunch break

While everyone has their preferences regarding what to do with their lunch break, I personally recommend spending it taking a brisk walk. It will energise you for the remaining of the day (or wake you up if you haven’t yet), you will enjoy the view around your place and you will have your quota of vitamin D for the day.

Get a standing desk

While a standing desk will not actively make you burn calories, it will instead put you in a position prone to move. It will help you go through a day without having to sit still on a chair for 8 hours straight. This goes a long way in the warming up for the home workouts you’re planning on doing right after work… Right?

Use a treadmill

While it may sound like 40 minutes on a treadmill is extremely demanding and tiring, if you go about it differently, like putting your favourite show on and zoning out into watching it, it really isn’t that long. Simply put the treadmill at a steady pace, add some incline, and you will not even realise you’re working out hard.

Always remember working out not only improves your physical health, but it also improves your mental health, productivity and motivation! Make it a challenge, ask us about our workout routine and let’s see who can make the biggest progress