Why is Australia such a popular destination for Nepalese students?

Nepal is known as the country for being home of the impressive Himalaya mountain ranges and Mount Everest. With a population of just under 30 million people, it now accounts for 7% of foreigners studying here in Australia!

Over the past three years, Australia has experienced a huge rise in Nepalese international students, where in October of 2019 52,000 Nepalese students were recorded as studying here. Macrobusiness.com.au expressed this in data gathered from the The Department of Education demonstrating that Nepalese student enrolments had increased by 212% over the past three years, from 21,000 to 65,700 students.

So, with this dramatic increase in Nepalese students coming over to Australia to study, Ozford Melbourne asks, why?

Jitendra Prasad Upadhyay writes in her study of higher education in Nepal that there are some push factors in the Nepalese education system that lead students wanting to further their education in other countries. She states that, ‘there is an under-financing of the Nepalese higher education system, a low level of managerial effectiveness and an irrational structure,’ all of which contribute to the push factors for Nepalese students looking for a better educational system elsewhere – like Australia!

Melbourne is renowned for offering an education like no other, forming the capital of ‘The Education State.’ Not only this, but Melbourne has been voted the best student city in Australia and is currently number 3 in the world, offering quality and spectacular education like no other. Melbourne as a city offers a fantastic standard of living with its amazing healthcare systems, public transport and even its vast range of open and outdoor spaces. It is no wonder why so many students want to come and experience studying here for themselves.

Are you currently studying here at Ozford Melbourne in your Bachelor of Business degree? Or have you come to join us in our English Language Centre to improve your English? If you are from Nepal we want to hear from you! What is your experience like studying here at Ozford Melbourne!